Google working on bulk app install on the new phone through a new feature called Install Hints

When it comes to Android users, most of them change their Android phone every 2 years on average. However, when it comes to switching on a new phone, shifting the data from the older phone to the new one and adding all the apps again is a time-consuming process. However, the situations have improved over the last few years and the time has reduced by a lot. Google has been working on the same for a long time now and has improved the seamless migration between smartphones. 

Now when it comes to installing the apps again on a new phone, the user has to wait for one app to install at a time. Therefore, if you use a large number of apps, then you will have to wait for a long time until all apps are downloaded and installed one at a time. Google is currently working on a new way for devices to sign into apps on new smartphones. Also, they are also working on bulk restore of apps on the phone through the Install hints feature which will make the most important apps to install and run almost immediately on a new device. 

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As per Google, it is a feature as a way for app stores, like the Google Play Store, to decide which compiler filter to use for dex2oat when bulk installing new applications, such as during a setup or restore process. It will also take into consideration the app installation and usage, to ensure which one is most frequently used.

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