Google didn’t add beauty filters to the Pixel devices as they are bad for mental health.

When the Pixel phones were launched there was one feature that the company intentionally missed. It was the number of beauty filters that could have been added, but have been left by Google. As per Google beauty filters are bad for the mental health of a person and it is why they decided to leave it out from the Pixel Phones. Google suggests that studies have claimed that beautification of images can negatively affect the mental well-being of a person, particularly if you are looking at a photo and aren’t aware of a filter has been applied. 

These beauties are used by people as a standard for beauty with which people often compare themselves. We all know that social media is filled with such images that have multiple beauty filters and people now do not prefer to add their original photo on the platform without adding a filter to it, simply because it makes them beautiful. A similar experience can also be seen on Instagram where photos are edited with beauty filters and they uploaded to the app. 

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The Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a with 5G, and Pixel 5 are not offering any such beauty filters, instead what they are giving is the retouching tool, which can improve on the nature photo, instead of adding fake beauty touches. Google says that studies with multiple people and kids have revealed that using beauty filter has made people think they are less beautiful, that ultimately leads to stress and mental ill-health. Google does believe in enhancement and will provide tools for retouching in their phones instead of these filters.


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