Google to add new changes to review and rating system for apps in Google Play Store

One of the best ways to know if an app on the Google Play Store is good is through its rating. However, when we look at the rating, they are not listed as per the device they have been installed on or the country where it was installed. Therefore, it becomes difficult for a user to know if the app is suited for them and the location they have to use it from. Now, Google is changing the way you view the rating on the Google App Store. They will be adding more filters to it so that the users can view only the reviews which are more helpful to them. 

One of the major changes that will come through for any users is that they will be able to view the reviews for the app in their own country or location. This will not only help them to understand if the app has been useful for people in their country, but will also help them to avoid comments related to any app bug that is specific to a location or country. Google confirms that this type of change was requested by both the developers and the users as well. 

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They will soon be adding a new filter in the reviews next year, which will filter the reviews based on the device the user is using. If the user is using a tablet, the reviews will be based on people who are using the app on a tablet. Since the experience of the app varies based on many different conditions, getting filtered reviews will provide a much better understanding of an app. The changes will be applied later this year and many changes will also be brought in next year.

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