Google to Hire new security engineers to find bugs in Android apps.

In the past few months, Google has been experiencing a lot of bugs and vulnerabilities in the android apps that have been posted on Google Play Store. Due to which it has been regularly removing a bunch of apps that are found behaving malware. Recently, Google Play Store removed 17 such apps that were infected with “Joker Malware” and is used to steal important and banking information from the user’s phone. Vulnerability is highly sensitive and Google now is looking for security engineers to find these vulnerabilities and remove them. 

The main focus of the new group of security engineers will be on fake Covid-19 contact tracing and election-related apps. The latest job posting by Google explains that the new team will perform reverse engineering, technical security assessments, code audits, and design reviews of third-party Android applications and libraries. Google said that there is no such thing as a safe system and its security team is constantly working to create and maintain the safest operating environment for Google’s users and developers. 

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This security team will also be allowed to proactively find the bugs and fix them automatically. It will allow for quick action which is much better for a safe app environment. Since the number of infected apps on the Google Play Store has increased recently, maintaining safety is one of their primary concerns. To make sure that the bugged apps do not increase on their platforms for removal, the new security team has been assigned to scan the apps for any issues


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