Google Chrome for Android 12 will have better tab management

Google Chrome has been one of the most popular smartphone browsers on Android and other smartphones throughout the world. Every time a new Android version is released, Google Chrome is also upgraded with new features. We all know that Android 12 will be released later this year or next year by Google and with it, the Chrome browser will also add a lot of new elements. Earlier this year, Google Chrome was spotted by developers and testers working on a new kind of tab management in Android smartphones which will also lead to multi-window support. 

The multi-screen feature is already available on Android where two apps can be open simultaneously. However, the feature will now be brought to Google Chrome as well. In Android 12, it will allow the users to open multiple browser windows in split-screen mode and view the contents of both side-by-side. As per the latest details, the users will be able to open five different Chrome windows at one time and one can open as many tabs as required. All the instances will be placed on a split screen and can be accessed simultaneously. 

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Also, the new window button will appear in the context menu and once the device enters split mode, it will allow the user to open another Chrome window in the vacant space. It will also be a great feature for foldable smartphones where the screen can be used in more ways than one. Google will soon launch this feature and will also give more details on what has been added to it.

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