Google Chrome to add a bunch of new features for users.

Google has been working on a lot of new features and improvements for the Google Chrome browser which will be launched very soon. The new list of features a lot offers a lot of new UI changes and makes the browser much faster than before. The new updates will make the tabs load 10% faster than before due to Profile Guided Optimization and tab throttling. The company will also be adding a new tab grouping feature which will allow the users to arrange and organize the tabs in a better way. It will also allow similar tabs to collapse in groups. It will allow the users to distinguish tabs by topic, task, and more and can even make them color-coded. 

Google Chrome will also bring a lot of changes on the tablet platform, by providing a larger tab for a touchscreen interface. The feature will be first rolled on to Google Chromebooks and then on the tablets running Android. The user will also be able to see the thumbnail preview of the tab as soon as they hover the mouse pointer over the tab. It will allow the user to quickly decide on which tab to open and which should they close. Chrome will also have a feature for using pdf files more efficiently. Chrome users will be able to fill out PDF forms and save them with their inputs, directly from Chrome, and the next time when they open the file, they will start from where they left. 

One of the most important features added to chrome is the sharing of URLs of the webpage with the help of QR codes. The feature was already mentioned in many leaks before and now it will finally be available to the users. These codes can be scanned, printed, or downloaded anytime. The feature will be available on the Android smartphone and desktop Chrome browser and can be accessed through a dedicated QR code button on the browser. 

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