Google Drive will delete files that has been trashed for more than 30 days.

Google has just announced a major update for Google Drive users. Just like Gmail, Google has also revised the number of days in Google Drive, after which your deleted files will be removed. The new policies and changes indicate that all the files in the drive that have been deleted for more than 30 days, will be completely removed once the deadline crosses. Currently, there is no such policy by Google on the trashed files and they remain in the bin for an indefinite time.

However, after October 13, 2020, the new policy will take effect and any file added to the trash bin will be removed permanently. The same change was easier implemented on Gmail as well and then it finally has been implemented on the drive feature. The reason behind the change is to ensure that behavior is consistent and predictable for users across G Suite products, and will help make sure that items users trash is actually deleted as expected. 

Once the users use the delete function after the change, they will be made aware of the feature through a banner that will be displayed on their screen. Admins can still restore items deleted from a user’s trash for up to 25 days for active users. Now the change in the feature will not only help Google to recover a lot of space on the server but will also make sure that the data which is deleted by the users is completely and properly deleted from the drive and server.

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