Google drops Daydream VR support with Android 11.

Daydream VR was one of the VR divisions from Google which was discontinued last October from the market. Now, Google has made a new announcement that it has dropped the support for the Daydream VR platform with Android 11. Therefore, it means that it may not work with devices running Android 11 or later. It makes this very clear the Google Daydream VR will not receive any update in terms of software not but third-party VR apps may still be available for the user through the Play Store platform.  

It was really surprising when Google discontinued the Daydream VR last year and there were multiple reasons for it. Google said that it did bring much interest to the customer and they were losing interest in it as a product. Secondly, the developer adoption of this was decreasing over time and there were not many new features that were developed over time. Google also thinks that it is the best time to invest their resources in AR rather than VR and AR would be something they would be working on in the future. 

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Since Google has shifted its focus officially to AR now and has closed the doors for VR, users having the Daydream VR will be really disappointed. Now it would be interesting to see the kind of platform the company develops with AR and how it will be used to bring out exciting consumer products in the market. However, for everyone who was a fan of Daydream VR, this really comes as bad news.


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