Google has revamped the Gmail logo.

Gmail has been trying to revamp its logos and images in the last few months to bring a new kind of feel and vibe for Google products. In the same series of events, the company has changed the logo of Gmail to something new and colorful. The red line envelope sign of Gmail was one of the most iconic ever. However, the new logo is more colorful and matches the Google colors on the logo. The new logo is just an M, specifying Gmail. Google has been trying to rebrand the entire workspace. 

It is also a way to rebrand GSuite to Google Workspace. Google has specifically confirmed that Google service users will see similar changes in services like Drive, calender, Meet, Docs, Sheet, and Slide. After the update, all these services will have a new look to work with, which will be much easier to navigate and use. The rainbow color-coding on all the logos of their services is being done to match the brand identity of Google. However, not many people appreciate that as it looked more to be a generic logo. 

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With the new Logo for Gmail, one can easily figure out that it is a product of Google, emphasizing on their brand identity. Also, the logo designers at Google tried to remove them and the envelope design, but the changes got a lot of negative reviews. So they finally decided that the M and rainbow colors will stay intact. A similar strategy can be expected with other Google Products.

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