Google adding a lot of new features to Gsuite and Google cloud services

Google has been seriously working on its online tools to add new and innovative features. Recently, the tech giant has been adding many new things to the Gsuite apps on mobile platforms; They are working on designing new features for Sheets, Google Docs, Slides, and all the other similar cloud services. The company has recently added new features to the pack, called the link previews, Smart Compose, dark theme, vertical navigation, comment interface, and a lot more. The features will be made live to all Gsuite customers, regardless of whether they are using an iOS or Android device.

The features will focus more on improving the AI-powered tools so that the existing features can get better. The spelling and grammatical errors, writing suggestions in smart compose, link preview in the form of dynamic cars, and a lot more. The features are meant to improve the existing features to the next level and make it more interactive. The company claims that the new set of features will make content creation and collaboration on the Gsuite platform much easier.

The user can now see a comment thread around the document as well, on which they can directly give a reply, a feature that was introduced by Google last year. The comment interface has also been made easier for team members to collaborate and tag the users using the @ sign. Gsuite now has a dark theme, which was expected from Google as they have already launched a dark theme on many of their other cloud-based services. The list of features also brings in vertical navigation where you can view a slideshow in a vertical stream instead of horizontal.

These features have started to roll out for global users and might be available to all at different times. Some of these features will be immediately available, while some may take a few weeks.


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