Google just released six issues that could lead to the removal of your web stories

Google has always provided a lot of support to the Web story writers and has also provided them with various tools to make it better. However, the company has now released some warnings for the web story writers which can make Google ban it immediately. There are majorly six reasons due to which the web story will be immediately removed or banned by Google. The very first reason for this to happen is the use of Copyrighted content. Google recently has made strict laws against the use of copyright images and content. 

Therefore, if they find any copyrighted content on the web stores, they may remove the infringing content and then links to their web page for reporting infringing content. Another reason that Google stated that using more words than 180 words or using video more than 60 seconds in length can lead to removal. Google has also made a strong point that all the web stories should not have low-quality images or video. Such low-quality content is prohibited by Google. 

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Google has also said that they will not allow web series that are missing a binding theme or narrative structure from page to page. Therefore, you simply cannot just put anything on the web stories. Similar to this Google is also not allowing incomplete web stories to be a part of the platform. Lastly, an Affiliate advertising and display ads are allowed in web stories. Make sure to follow all these guidelines so that your Google web stories are not removed.

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