Google Web stories WordPress Plugin released.

WordPress website is known for a large variety of plugins that it has to attract more visitors and add more functionality to the website. Now Google has officially announced a new Plugin for WordPress which is the Web Stories WordPress Plugin. It allows the user to create web stories on the website and get more visitors. The plugin is now available at the WordPress Plugin repository, however, it is still in the beta stage. The plugin would make it much easier for the website owners to create content in the Google Web stories, enabling them to have more visitors. 

The plugin was also available at GitHub previously in the Beta version. So those of you who do not have an idea about what the Web stories are about, it is a way to use existing content to create short-form content that can be “snacked” on quickly. Now if users get interested to read more, they can click it to read through the full article. Content in Web Story format can be seen at the top of the regular Google Search and can also be seen on Google Images, Google Discover, and Google App. 

Since Web stories are only the short form of the full article, they cannot be more than 200 words long and with a mandated font of at least 24 pixels. Web Stories are a great away from knowing things without having to look at the entire article. The new plugin features a drag and drops interface and templates to make it easy to create web stories

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