Google Meet brings two new features to its platform.

When it comes to Google Meet, the team handling this platform has been really busy. The last few months have seen the integration of Google Meet with various features and platforms, to make it a one-stop for all professional needs. The basic idea of Google Meet was to increase the productivity of professionals over the video all by providing them a lot many tools in one place. Also, Google Meet had a serious competition with other video calling apps like Zoom which offered a great many features to the users on their platform. 

However, it seems the company has taken the lead again and they have added two new features on the Google Meet platform that will easily take on Zoom. The new features not only increase productivity but also the experience you will have over video calls. The features will be made available to Google Meet users from October 8, which will enable the users to connect and engage with others on video calls through “Q&A and polls“”. 

YouTube video

Q&A will provide an easy way to engage the audience and help get their question answered. It can even be used by educators to ask questions about the class content and get answers. In terms of business, it will allow everyone to ask questions. Polls, which is the second feature is a great way to understand the choice of the audience. Users will be able to get real-time feedback for their content and make the changes immediately to it.

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