Google bringing new set of features in Google Meet for Students and Educators

Google Meet has seen a major increase in the usage due to students and educators during this pandemic. As educators are unable to open their educational institutions, they are conducting online classes using the Google Meet tool. Google recently had an event named “Back-to-school” where they provided a road map for upcoming moderation tools and other functionality that will make Google Meet a better tool for people in the field of interactivity and education.

The new features in Google Meet will increase the level of control for the moderators while they are conducting the class online. One of such features provides the moderators the authority to prevent any previously rejected participants from joining the meeting. It will also have the following features.

  • Manage join requests with ease by accepting or rejecting them in bulk
  • Lock meetings until the moderator join 
  • End meetings for all participants when class is finished
  • Disable in-meeting chat and set restrictions on who can present during a meeting 

Google will also be integrating a new feature that allows a group of 49 students to join simultaneously. The feature will also be joined by a collaborative whiteboard, through Jamboard. Teachers and educators will also be able to change their backgrounds and add custom backgrounds to the call. There are some more features that will be added to the GSuite Enterprise for Education.

  • Attendance tracking to see and track which students attended virtual class (G Suite Enterprise for Education) 
  • Breakout rooms so educators can split classes into simultaneous small group discussions (G Suite Enterprise for Education) 

These are the features that will be launched in Google Meet later this year.

  • Hand-raising to help you identify students who may need help or have a question 
  • Q&A features to provide a way for students to ask questions without disrupting the flow of the class discussion or lesson, and polling to engage students to share their voice (G Suite Enterprise for Education) 
  • Temporary recordings allow for lessons to be viewed for up to 21 days within a domain

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