Google Meet introduces new features, AR Mask and filters

Google Meet has been improving the platform with a lot more speed ever since the pandemic, as Google Meet became one of the primary platforms for people to use for video calling. Due to this, they have been adding in a lot of new features and improvements to the platform which has increased the numbers of users by multiple folds on the platform. Now, Google Meet has added video filters, AR Masks, and another improvement for the users, which can easily be accessed using the sparkle icon on the bottom right during the video call. 

It is said that the company is now targeting more normal consumers and customers rather than corporate and business users who have already been using the platform for business purposes. Google is already planning to replace Google Duo with Google Meet and will provide the filters and mask to the free users of Google Meet as well. These filters are very similar to what is already found in Apple, where the users can send the message by replacing their faces with emojis and AR masks. 

Google Meet has been testing a lot of new features on their platform right now with most of them being in development. It is expected that the next few months will bring in a lot of new features both for the business users and casual users on Google Meet. You can view and use the new AR mask and filters on Google Meet right now, which can be directly accessed during a video call.

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