Google Phone app call recording feature now available on Pixel device, but not in all countries

A while back Google announced the Call recording feature on the Google Phone app on the Android operating system. Although the feature had a very slow rollout globally due to certain recording restrictions in some parts of the globe, it is now coming to Pixel devices. The feature was recently discovered in the Pixel 4a device in India where the users were able to see the recording option at the calling panel while making the call. The option will be available as soon as the call is picked up. 

It can also be activated from the Google Phone app>>Settings>>Call Recording, if it is automatically not activated. Although not all users will get the new option on the Pixel device based on the region. Where some regions do not allow the users to use the call recording feature, Pixel devices in that region will not be able to use this feature. The feature that is currently available on Pixel devices in India, was not found to be available on Pixel devices in the UK and France. If the Pixel device does get the new call recording option, then the users will be able to manually set the deletion time of such call recording. 

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Also, the settings can be changed to manual deletion, where the call recording will stay in the memory till the time the user does not remove it themselves. You can open the Google Phone app and start using this feature. Some users might get a message that the feature is illegal in your country or region while activating the feature. 

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