Google Photos to get a new feature called 3D Cinematic photos

Google has been trying to add a lot of new features to Google Photos lately and recently they have announced another feature that will be a part of this platform. The new feature is called Cinematic Photos which will automatically create a new 3D-like effect on some of your captured images. The feature will work in the Memories section of the app and you will find the Cinematic photos in the most recent highlights at the top of your photo grid. The features have been made to make you relive your memories in different ways and to experience them once again. 

It uses machine learning to predict the image depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene. It also works on images that do not have depth information in the original version. After the depth information is processed, the feature will animate the virtual camera for a smooth panning effect, something similar to what is being added in the movies. The feature will be rolling out gradually to all the Android users in the next month. 

YouTube video

Once activated, you will also be able to share these images with the least taps. Google Photos will also be adding a new collage design to the app with richer, and artistically designed layouts. Using the machine learning process, memories will now also feature some of the most important people in your life and show your favorite things like the sunset, cooking, riding, hiking, and much more. You can also hide certain people and time to be not included in the memories.


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