Some features in Google Photos might become paid and only exclusive to Google One users.

When it comes to the Photos app on the Android and iOS devices, Google Photos has been one of the most popular ones in its category. It is a handy app that stores all your photos and arranges them in certain categories, which makes it easier for the user to browse them. Till now, the app and its features have been completely free, but now it seems that the users will have to shell out some money for extra features in the app. As per a report from XDA-developers, some of the existing as well as new features in Google Photos can become paid and only available to Google One users. 

During the teardown of the new Google Photos app, XDA-developers found that the app has Google One Paywall which may be introduced in some of the editing features. The Color Pop feature could be one of them which would require you to pay. A report with screenshots also stated that users trying to use Color Pop were sent push notification by Google for Google One subscription. It might be possible that the future update from Google would bring in new editing features for the Google Photos app, which would only be reserved for Google one subscribers. 

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Currently, features like Color Pop are available to all users and anyone can use it for free. However, as a part of the ongoing rollout, the Color Pop feature will become paid for some photos and free for others, depending on the depth information of the photos. It is not yet clear when the feature and changes will be rolled out globally.

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