Google Play Store sees more than 28 billion app downloads in Q3.

With the increase in smartphone usage and new features being embedded into the hardware, the usability of smartphones has increased by folds. Due to this, app developers are coming up with new ideas in the form of apps that have really attracted a lot of users in downloading them and using them. Most of these apps are productive tools that have made the day to day work of many users easier and faster. Due to the same reason, the number of app downloads has also increased by a large number. 

Google Play Store reached a total of 28.3 billion downloads for the Q3 period, which is a 31% increase when compared to last year. The number also gives the platform advantage over the Apple App store, where Google Play Store leads the app rave by 3:1. The App Store managed to count a total of 8.2 billion downloads this Q3. One of the most popular categories for Play Store app download has been Games and Education apps, which were also used most by the users during the pandemic. 

Apart from that, other popular apps include business and tools for professionals. It is not confusing to see why there was such a big rise in the total number of app downloads for the Google Play Store. Since people were at home and were working from there, they downloaded many productive apps, and non-professionals were focused more on games and other lifestyle and entertainment apps. The trend is expected to go further up in the next quarter.


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