Google is providing Free Chromecast with a Youtube TV subscription.

Google has recently been offering the customers a lot of discounts on bundled Nest products and other Google products as well. Now as per another update, Google might be offering free Chromecast devices with Youtube TV subscriptions. Earlier this week, the Google TV-based Chromecast dongle received a huge appreciation from people. The Chromecast is 4K ready and comes with the Google TV bundled together. Also, the device itself has been priced at $50, which makes it very affordable and easy to buy, while maintaining the high-end features of a Chromecast device. 

Although there are currently plenty of deals and bundles through which you can buy the Chromecast and other Google devices at affordable prices, there are offers that can get you the Chromecast device for free. So now if you subscribe to Youtube TV, which is a subscription-based service, you will get a Chromecast for free. To do so, simply launch Youtube TV and pay the amount of $65 for the first time, as it will be applicable until the trial period ends. Once the trial period expires, you will be eligible from October 15th to December 31st to get a free Chromecast. 

Youtube will email you a custom link to Google Store and from there you can order the Chromecast for no payment. The link will allow you to buy the Chromecast till February 28, 2021. You will only have to pay once to Youtube TV to get the device for free. After that, you can cancel the subscription as per your choice and still keep the Chromecast device. The offer is only limited to one device per household.


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