Youtube launches “Youtube Shorts” in India.

After Facebook, even Youtube has now launched a new platform that will give competition to the Chinese based app Tiktok. The new feature is called “Youtube Shorts” and has been launched in Indian for people who are missing TikTok after the ban of these apps in India. The new feature will allow the users to add a 15-second video to the platform and can even set music to it. The music that will be allowed to use, can only be selected from an in-product music picker to avoid any copyright strikes. 

It will currently provide users with more than 100,000 tracks with more music being added regularly. The feature will immediately be available in the app with a “Create” icon, which will be rolled out with the Shorts beta on Android, with the feature coming to the iOS platform soon. Currently, the feature is only limited to India and as per the development and popularity of the product, it will soon be launched in the US, following a global launch. After the ban of Tiktok in India, Tiktok users were looking for alternatives to the platform. 

However, no other platform haad such a large userbase, neither the following. Similar functionality was also launched by Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to use the feature as was provided with TikTok. Youtube has followed the same trend and has developed the shorts feature. It will be interesting to see how Youtube handles the feature in the future as it is already one of the most popular platforms for Vloggers.

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