Google to release a new update for Wear OS and Google Fit app

Most of the wearable watches nowadays are powered by Google Wear OS as it provides seamless integration with Android devices and a lot of similar features. Earlier this month, Google announced that they will be updating their Wear OS with new features and Ui changes and also for the Google Fit App on Android. The update brings an easy-to-view hub on the Google Fit app on Android, which summarizes your metrics, daily and weekly goals for Heart Points and Steps, and your most recent workout. It will also display the heart-rate, steps, and other details related to the recent workout. 

The app has also received a completely redesigned home screen layout for quick access to sleep analytics. There are a lot of new changes that have been introduced in the Google Fit app. The new updates are aimed to offer a much better user experience which is faster and easier to navigate. Since it shows some of the most commonly used metrics in dedicated tile design, it becomes easier for users to access it at a glance. Swiping gestures also provides the user with music controls while working out. 

The new update will also provide push notification for the distance you have traveled along with the time taken for each mile or kilometer with a comparison of your last lap. You can quickly access your heart rate and other details like calories, time, steps in a single tap. While you fulfill the progress, the app will provide you constant notifications about it and also has a new Touch Lock button to prevent accidental touches from disrupting your workout. The update will start rolling out this week for all the users.

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