Apple to release TVOS 14.2 update for the users.

Apple has been working on the new TVOS 14.2 for a while now and has finally released the update. It’s not just Apple TV, the company has released the update for iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2, TVOS 14.2, and WatchOS 7.2, which will not only resolve the bugs that were identified in the previous OS update but will also bring a lot of optimizations and features as well. Apple has also not released the changelog for the new update, which they have not been doing for the previous updates as well.

As per the beta testers of the TVOS 14.2, no new features seemed to be present in the beta version of the update, so it can be assumed that the final version of the update will also bring in fixes and optimization. The update is completely free and can be downloaded by going to the settings and then the software update option. When it comes to TVOS 14.2, it brought in a lot of new features to Apple TV where the multi-user feature for gaming was improved and allowed individuals to track their individual achievements.

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Apart from that, Apple TV also brought in support for Xbox Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers. It also updated the security features for Apple TV, which allowed to display the security footage of the home through the Homekit application. It also allowed the users to identify the user who’s at the door with help of ‘Faces’ in their photos application, provided the camera supports facial recognition.

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