Google removes these eight fake cryptocurrency mining apps from Play Store

One of the latest trends in fake apps has been the apps that hack that phone and use it to mine cryptocurrency for hackers. It is not only prominent on one operating system for smartphones but all of them. Google Play Store has been keeping a strict eye on such apps and has been tracking them in order to remove them from their platform. The last couple of years have seen an increased number of such apps on the Google Play Store and more users have been attacked by them. 

Recently, Google has been able to detect eight more such apps that have been deceiving the users to mine cryptocurrency. The apps were also detected by security firm Trend Micro which confirmed that these fake apps tricked the users to watch advertisements. These are the eight apps that have been now removed from the Google platform and should be removed from the smartphones if you have them installed. 

Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining

Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining 

Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining

Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System

Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet

MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining

BTC miner, and Bitcoin 2021

These apps asked users to pay a certain amount for a subscription and promised them a certain amount of cryptocurrency within a certain period of time, which they never provided the customers with. They carried out bogus mining activity like a simulation and asked users to pay for it. Most of these apps have more than 100,000 downloads as well. If you have any of these apps right now, it is advisable to remove them immediately.

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