Google Stadia bring improvement on Android TV but is still far away from launch.

Google Stadia is one of the most anticipated projects from Google which re-defines the concept of online gaming on mobile devices. It has been a very long time ever since Google Stadia was announced and it has led to many other competitors jumping into the same market and trying to create something similar for the users. However, even Google has not been able to finish working on making Stadia complete products and it seems that the platform will take time to be commercially available for consumers worldwide. 

Google has been trying to improve the performance and features of Stadio on Android TV for months. There have been major improvements on the same but Stadia is still far from launch for users. Stadia v2.36 started rolling out through the Google Play Store today and with it, there are some exciting changes behind the scenes. The new update has a voice in captures, referral benefits, family sharing features, and a lot more. The new changes to Stadia have made the streaming of games in 4K much easier and smoother on supported hardware. 

Also, it has become much easier to Sign in to the platform which used to take a lot of time before. Also, the laggy menus have had some improvements in the newer version. The performance improvements are minor in the new update but things are improving. If we look at Google Stadia in the current condition, it is nowhere ready to launch on Android TV as it is still laggy and does not have good performance.

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