Game streaming services like Project xCloud and Stadia not available on App store

Gaming is one of the biggest industries in the world right now and with the launch of Google Stadia, online game streaming has become one of the hottest topics in this category. Recently, Samsung announced its Galaxy range of devices with special enhancements for the xCloud game streaming service fr Note 20 Duo. The customer who have pre-ordered the phone will receive a free three months pass for online game streaming.

However, there is bad news coming from App Store right now, where it is said that the tech giant is not allowing game streaming apps like Stadia, Project X cloud, and similar other services, as it violates the rules and policies. Due to this, even Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce are not available on Apple.

As per Apple, all the apps are designed and provided by the app developers with the intent to provide them a safe and trustworthy place platform. However, the game streaming apps go against the guidelines set by Apple, therefore, it is currently removed and not active on the app store.

These game streaming services have become really popular over time as they provide the user with the same kind of high graphic performance that you expect from a costly. But to play these you would not need any kind of big hardware. All you need would be a good internet connection. The games can be directly browsed and played from the cloud as the game progress will automatically be saved in the profile. We would have to wait for some more time before these services are activated on the App Store after all the requirements are met.

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