Google brings new updates on Chrome OS while celebrating its ten years

Chrome OS came out with a very different understanding and platform for the users and now it has been ten years since it came into existence. On the tenth birthday of Chrome OS, Google has announced some major updates for the operating system which brings new features, improved interoperability and Wi-Fi sharing with Android phones, and some features that improve the productivity experience. Out of all those updates, one of the prominent ones is the Phone Hub, which you will now be able to see as the shortcut that lives on the taskbar. 

It will help you to remotely enable the smartphone hotspot, switch to volume mode, and locate it as well. The feature will also allow you to see the phone’s signal strength, battery level, and recent Chrome browser tabs from your phone. Wi-Fi sync which was already present in the OS has been expanded to support more devices so long as your smartphone already has the Wi-Fi password. Google has also confirmed that Nearby Share, which was a feature on Android smartphones, will be coming to Chrome OS very soon. 

Chrome OS will now also get a feature for the Screen Capture tool that supports both still capture and screen recordings. The recordings will show in a new location called “Tote”, a new place where you can see files, screenshots, downloads, and pinned files.  Also, media controls can be quickly accessed in the Quick Settings menu. As per the statement from Google, “The M89 Chrome OS update is rolling out globally over the next few weeks.” Check the Source links to see all the features in action.”


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