Google to shorten the life cycle of Chrome browser with more frequent updates

One of the major advantages of using Chrome as the browser is its constant update related to security and features, and it seems that Google Chrome will continue in the same way in the future as well. After Google announced details about Chrome 94 which is all set to release in the third quarter of this year, they also confirmed that the life cycle of the Chrome browser will be shortened from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. Apart from the shortened life cycle, Google will also launch a life cycle for enterprises and Chromium embedded versions, due to the added new Extended Stable option, with milestone updates every 8 weeks.

Before these changes were made, the life cycle for a Chrome browser usually extended to 6 weeks. However, since the company has been very aggressive on testing and has been trying to publish the updates for the latest security threats very often, they have decreased the life cycles of releasing the updates. For users who use Chrome on embedded devices, it may take longer to plan browser updates. It has also been confirmed that the Chrome extended stable version will get a two-week security update to fix the major issues but will not contain any new features.

Apart from decreasing the browser life cycle, Google also plans to release stable version options of different lengths for Chrome OS. The news definitely shows how aggressively Google is working towards creating a secure web browsing experience for the users and will continue to do so in the future.


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