Google launches the final beta version of Android 11

Android 11 is the next version of the Android operating system that is much awaited by Android users. It is expected that the final version of the operating system will bring out many new and unique features to the smartphone. Currently, the beta stage of Android 11 will test out various bugs and improvements in the OS. Now Google has recently announced that they have finally released the last beta version of the new Andoird 11 OS. The beta program got delayed for a month due to pandemic, but now the final version is available before being released to general availability after completion.

In the final stages, the Android 11 OS has already achieved stability, and what the final version will have is a bunch of changes, fixes, and optimizations. As per Google, the developers are adding a lot of finish touches to the OS in the final beta stage, after which it will be ready for release. The beta version of Android 11 is available on the Android Beta Program platform’s official website, where the user can download and install it on their phone to check it out. The beta version has already been downloaded by many, and they are currently running the final beta version of the upcoming OS.

The Android 11 version is expected to be released somewhere at the end of 2020. Many new flagships will be launching at that time, and the same will also be made available to the latest launched series of Samsung Galaxy 20 series smartphones. The new Android OS will also be making a lot of adjustments in the optimization part as it will be used on 5G enabled devices. Not much is known about optimizations concerning that, but the information is expected after the final beta stage ends.

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