Huawei to bring Petal Search, allowing users to download any Android app.

Huawei received a major setback in its smartphone range after the contract with Android came to an end. This created a major problem for the users which were still using the Android smartphones and were unable to download the apps from Google Play Store. Due to this Huawei users were missing apps like Search, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, Drive, and Gmail. However, the company was looking for a way to get a workaround for the same and it seems now it can be possible for users to use Google Play Store apps as well.

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The company is currently not allowed to work with US firms developers, but they have introduced a new “Petal Search” which is reportedly not just limited to the company’s own AppGallery but also searches for the required app in third-party app stores. If it finds a Google app, then it will be able to install it on the Huawei smartphone. The app could already show the details like the daily weather forecast, top news, live sports scores, video, image, and more. 

It also allows the users to download the app, which they were not able to download earlier due to the US ban. The feature could be coming to the Huawei smartphones in December this year and could be a great way for Harmony OS by Huawei to retain its customers. There are currently no official details available on how it will work and how it will allow the users to download the apps. However, the details will soon be announced by the company.

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