Indian Blogs unavailable as Google forgot to renew domain

Google Blogspot is one of India’s most engaging domains, where a lot of users have maintained and created their blog. However, the last 24 hours have not been great for such bloggers as they cannot access the website. The issues occurred because Google forgot to renew its domain, which was due for registration. The domain has now been purchased by and is currently in an inactive state.

The domain is available for sale on, with the starting price for the domain is $5999 and can go anywhere up from there. The user with the highest bid on the domain name can buy it. It has caused a major issue for the blogger website in India, where the domain’s non-availability has led to downtime on the website.

Also, the availability of the domain will expose the blogging website to malware and scams. All indexed links can easily be redirected to any other webpage as required. Google has not released any statement on this issue and rather have been silent on the issue. It is not clear whether Google is aware of the situation or not, but it seems like Google will be trying to negotiate on the domain name’s price with

For now, and all the other Indian blogs created through it are completely inaccessible. But the blogs can still be accessed by using instead of in the URL. For now, we can expect that Google will resolve the issue very soon.

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