Indian Startups meet over Zoom call to discuss breaking the dominance of companies like Google and Facebook.

We already know that Google Play store has made it clear that all the apps that are available on its platform will have to go through the Google Billing system for in-app purchases, which would also lead to a 30% commission for Google. Leading to this update, many Indian companies as well as startups were really disappointed as to how Google has been using its monopoly over the Android users. The company stated that previously a charge of 2-3% over the transaction cannot simply change to 30% commission. 

Due to this many Indian companies have now decided to take matters further and look for an alternative. Recently founders of dozens of Indian startups came over a Zoom call earlier this week to discuss how to fight the policies enforced by Google. Also, the Zoom call was based on the motive to shape the digital policy for the long-term future, so that new startups and smaller companies get equal opportunities to grow on the platform.

The Zoom call had almost 56 companies where they discussed the alternative to Google Play Store. This also included the founder of the Paytm app, who said that the digital startup needs to come together and make their voice heard by the government and people. 

A similar confrontation has also been happening in the US against Apple and Google for the fees they are charging on their app platform. Additionally, a US antitrust committee is finalizing a report after a long investigation into Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Similar steps have also been reported by China, which is planning to consider an antitrust probe into Google. The Zoom call also wanted Companies such as Google or Facebook to incorporate local entities to govern the policies.

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