Google Pay to stop the operation of the older app in the US market from January 2021

Google Pay was launched initially to help users with online payment. However, the company has recently launched a newer version of the app and includes a lot of new different features as well. The aim of Google was to make Google Pay a multitasking app, rather than a simple payment app. Google has also planned to stop the payment feature in its old version for all American users. American users of the old version of the Google Pay app will not be able to do transactions or send and receive payment from January 2021.

The announcement of the new version of the payment apps was done just a few weeks back and it was released in the US market last week along with a new version of other Google apps like Gmail, Google Photos, and others. Google has also introduced a 1.5% fee when users transfer money from Google Pay using a debit card. However, this fee is not a global rollout and is only applicable in the US. Since the app integrates with the bank account, it is widely used by people to make transactions and make payments. 

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The payment has grown a lot from its initial services and has added a lot of new options for users, including making donations to relief funds or any other charitable organization. Google has been looking to make Google Pay one of the primary apps for the users in case of a transaction, which would also help the users to properly utilize the Google ecosystem.


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