Instagram bringing new functionality on Stories for desktop users

When it comes to Instagram, the best experience to view stories can only be found on the dedicated app. However, the same experience was not the same as the desktop. Therefore, Instagram is currently developing a new design for the Stories on the website which gives the option of viewing stories a much-needed upgrade. The new look of the stories in the desktop version will show stories as a carousel rather than a single title that takes up the entire page. 

The navigation in the stories will still be the same and the users will be able to manually click through the stories or let me change automatically. However, the queue design will make it much easier for the users to track which stories they are looking at and which ones they already had. The new-look has already been implemented for some users so that the company could understand how the feature can be optimized before rolling it out globally. Also, it would help them to take their feedback and improve it much further. 

YouTube video

A spokesperson from Instagram has confirmed the test and has also confirmed that the feature is already visible to a small group of people from last month. However, there is no confirmation as to when it will be available globally to all users. The new functionality will also make the website a lot faster and with a much more cleaner interface. Instagram has finally brought a noticeable and important change and will expect more to come for the desktop version in the future.


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