Instagram users will now be able to live stream for 4 hours.

Instagram Live is one of the most popular features of the platform and is used by more users than any other competitive app. Earlier, the live stream on Instagram only allowed the users to stream for an hour before it automatically ended. Now, with the new update, the users will be able to stream live on Instagram four times longer than before. The new limit allows the users to stream live for four hours at one stretch. 

Apart from extending the time limit, the company is also making sure that the streams become a lot more discoverable and they are made available to watch for a longer period of time. The update will soon be rolling out for all the Instagram users across the globe. Earlier, the users had to end the live stream after one hour and had to start another live stream in order to stream for a longer period of time. Now the streaming could go on continuously for four hours. 

With the addition of this feature, Instagram has become in line with Facebook in terms of streaming time. Facebook also allows the live streamers to stream for 4 hours at one go and the time can go up to 8 hours in case the streaming is being done from a desktop. The feature is not the best in the category as Twitch beats them with 24+ hours of live streaming for the users. However, the addition will be great for users who are regularly live streaming.

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