Instagram’s new update adds the branded content feature to Reels and Live

Facebook-owned Instagram has been adding a lot of focus on Reels, the e-commerce feature within the app that would allow the users to sell products directly. As per the new feature they have added to the platform, creators can add tags on their Reels and Live Instagram videos to include paid partnership tags and promote a certain brand they have been using in the video. The branded content tag in Reels has been launched for the users and will be tested on Instagram Live in a few weeks. 

The new feature will allow the creators to show the “Paid partnership with” tag, including the name of the brand right below the creator’s name in Reels.  The same approach will also be followed in Instagram Live videos. The company will also be launching a new workflow where the advertisers will be able to create a branded content ad with the need of any creator and post it simply to Instagram as a user. The process would include an advertiser to send an ad creation access to the creator and after acceptance, the creator needs to approve the ad and make it live by the brand, without having to have the creator post the said Branded Content ad. 

YouTube video

Instagram will also be adding branded content ads in Stories where creators can add elements like @mentions, location, and different hashtags. It seems like the future of Instagram is changing from simply sharing posts and images to complete e-commerce-like platforms that would allow users to sell their brands and products through multiple platforms owned by Facebook.


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