Intel announces new 12th generation processors and chipset for self-driving cars

CES 2022 is on and Intel has shown their latest in chipset technology with 12th generation SoC and self-driving SoC. The two major highlights of the event were the 20 new devices that Intel showcased, powered by the 12th generation Intel Core H series and their EyeQ Ultra system-on-chip for autonomous vehicles in association with Mobileye. The 12th generation lineup of Intel Core H processors is based on 7 process nodes with a hybrid design, which is the first-ever from the company. Also, it is led by the flagship Intel Core i9 processor.

The new processors claim to have 40% more performance in gaming. The company claims that more than 100 new devices will be launched in the future with the new chipsets with companies like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. Intel has also announced a new series of Intel P series chipsets which are ultra-portable mobile processors. These have been basically designed for thin and light laptops that can provide functionality with performance in a compact form factor.

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Similarly, Intel Arc Graphics, which is a high-performance graphic product from Intel, which will soon launch in the future, will have more than 50 new mobile and desktop customer designs. In the same event, Intel and Mobileye announced their new EyeQ Ultra system on chip for automated vehicles. It has been specifically designed for providing optimum power performance for self-driving vehicles. Intel is expected to launch a whole new range of products in the future along with companies adopting their chipset technology.


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