Intel introduces the all-new Intel Iris Xe Max Discrete GPU for slim laptops for up to 7 times the GPU performance.

Intel has recently launched the all-new range of Xe graphics architecture for slim laptops which will be used with their 11th generation Tiger Lake CPU’s. The company has announced that since laptops built with the new Tiger Lake processors are currently being sold in the market, some of them will also be shipped with the new discrete GPU Intel Iris Xe Max. The new Intel Iris Xe Max can be used to increase the graphic performance of slim laptops and accelerate the AI-based and computer-intensive tasks.

The name of the new GPU was first leaked when Intel included the product badge in a presentation of its brand identify overhaul in September. Now the same has also appeared in the listing of many laptop manufacturers, one of them being ACER. The new GPU is based on the same Xe-LP GPU, which has been integrated into the 11th gen tiger Lake processors. The new GPU has been targeted at thin and light laptops which works in conjunction with the integrated GPU and is enabled through a framework called the Deep Link.

The Deep-link framework will also dynamically manage power and thermal headroom between the CPU and GPU, which would result in a 20% improvement in CPU performance. As per the details from intel, the new GPU architecture is supposed to be 7 times faster and better in AI-based content creation. It features up to 96 execution units and reaches a maximum clock speed of 1.65GHz. It is based on Intel’s 10nm SuperFin transistor technology and can leverage PCIe 4.0 speed to connect to the CPU, and has 4GB of LPDDR4X memory with a bandwidth of 68GBps.


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