New iOS 15.4 beta update brings 120Hz support on all iOS apps on iPhone 13

One of the major highlights of the iPhone 13 display is that it supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. However, only a few apps on iOS support 120 frames per second, due to which the feature is not used in the device to its full capacity. However, it is going to change as Apple is planning to extend the feature in all applications in the iOS 15.4 beta update. Since the update is currently in Beta, it will take a while before the actual stable version of the update is launched. 

However, with this update, the smartphone will be able to use a 120Hz refresh rate on all the apps. The issue was related to a Core Animation bug, which did not allow the feature on iPhone 13 before. It has not been confirmed how the feature will work on all apps. Will it run automatically on all apps, or the user will have to activate it manually. However, this is not the only update available in the beta version. 

YouTube video

The company has also added a new feature where the user will be able to use the FaceID on the iPhone while wearing a mask and without using an Apple Watch for authentication. It will actually use unique identification marks on the face and near the eye to recognize the users. The user will have to re-scan their face again through the FaceID and then they will be able to use the new verification feature as well. 

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