New details and images leaked for iPhone 12 Pro Max, will support 120Hz refresh rate.

As soon as a new Apple product or a new iPhone is about to be released, a lot of leaked images and spec automatically come out months before the actual release happens. Now a lot of details have already been leaked by different sources about the specs and design and we are already expecting more to come before the official launch. Now new leaked images of iPhone 12 Pro Max have been released on the internet which confirms that the phone will have a 120Hz refresh rate, which will further improve the visual quality and the animation and videos will be much smoother. 

We all know the launch of the iPhone 12 and other variants has already been delayed by a month due to the unavailability of parts, caused due to production loss in a pandemic. Now with the delayed launch, more and more images and specs seem to be coming out for the device. The new leak for iPhone 12 Pro Max reveals some very important details about the handset. The new iPhone will provide the users with two different options for refresh rate setting, which will be Enable High Refresh Rate and two, Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate. The first option will fix the refresh rate on the device to 120Hz, while the second option will change the refresh rate as per the app requirement. 

The changes to the refresh rate will happen automatically. Similar technology was also detected last week in the new generation of Samsung Galaxy phones. The settings of the phone will also have LiDAR Scanner option for better image quality and toggle option to enable LiDAR assisted autofocus and subject detection for video and Night Mode photography. The phone will also support 4k video recording at 120 and 240 FPS. More such details are being expected to be leaked before the launch of the phone. But the specs that have been revealed till now shows that the overall specs of the phone are going to be very powerful.

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