The new iPad Mini 6 will not have a home button and a bigger screen with narrow bezels

Another series of leaks have appeared for the new iPad Mini 6 that will be released by Apple in the future. In terms of a complete design overhaul, there are going to be a lot of new features and changes to it. As per Apple Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the new generation of iPad Mini is expected to come with an 8.3-inch display, which will be larger than the 7.9-inch display it used to come earlier with. Apple has not increased the dimension of the body, due to which the screen size has increased. 

The company will not be adding the popular Home button this time on the iPad which would add to the existing screen size. The size of the new iPad Mini 6 could go anywhere from 8.5 to 9 inches, and it will have narrow bezels, which would be slimmer than the bezels of the previous generation. Rumors also speculate that the new iPad Mini would be powered using either the new A15 Bionic chipset or the A14 bionic chipset. 

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While the company has already placed an order of more than 100 million A15 bionic chipsets, it can be expected that they might be using the same chipset on the new iPad mini as well. The new iPad mini will also have a new display with mini-LED which will provide for much better color reproduction and less usage of power. Before the actual launch happens, we might get a look at more leaks about the device.


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