iPhone 12 dummy phones leaked images show the complete design.

There have already been a lot of leaks regarding the specs and features of the iPhone 12 and also a lot has already been known about the design. It was expected the new iPhone will not be a massive upgrade but will surely bring out 5G band connectivity to the iPhone. However, the new iPhone leaks are now out, which shows the complete design of the phone in its complete glory.

As per the leaked images, the expected size of the iPhone can be 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch, and the size profile of the phone looks very similar to what was in the iPhone 4 model. The dummy images were leaked by the courtesy of CaseMakers. The leaked images show all the variants of the iPhone as dummy units. These dummy units are used to create or design the case for the phone. The details shown are not as much as people wanted to know but the it does confirm the at the side, rounded profile has been re-designed to what looks very similar to the iPhone 4.

The phone has the same side edges that have been made out of aluminum, which is very similar to the older iPhone design, which was totally changed after the launch of the iPhone 6, till now. Apart from that there does not seems to be a lot of changes to the iPhone 12 when we compare it to the iPhone 11. It seems like the front and rear design will remain unchanged.


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