Apple has released the iOS 14.2.1 update, especially for iPhone 12 variants

Apple is finally rolling out a new version of its iOS today, which is iOS 14.2.1. However, this is unlike any update that you have seen before as it is only meant specially for the iPhone 12 series and not for any other iPhone device. The iOS 14.2.1 will be available to download as an update for iPhone mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. So why has Apple released an update specifically meant for the iPhone 12 series? The update has been specifically developed to resolve all the issues that the customers have been complaining about in the new iPhone 12 series. 

One of the recent issues in the iPhone 12 mini was the lock screen issue which could become unresponsive at times. The company instructed the Authorised resellers not to accept any repairs for the same as they were initially trying to resolve it through a software update. The company has followed the same and has fixed the issue in the iPhone 12 Mini through iOS 14.2.1. Similarly, the issue with MMS messages not being received on the iPhone 12 family devices seemed to be resolved after installing the new update. 

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The sound quality issue which was common in the iPhone 12 series has also been resolved in the update. Therefore, if you already own an iPhone 12 variant and are facing some of these known issues, then installing this software update is completely safe and will definitely enhance the experience on your new iPhone.


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