New iPhone 13 to come with an always-on display

It has only been a few months since iPhone 12 has been launched and is still very new to the market. However, the details of the new iPhone 13 are already coming out and from what we have heard till now, the new iPhone will carry forward the design of the iPhone 12 but with some additional features. The new details that have been reported state that iPhone 13 might come with a new screen that has an always-on display. The details were shared by leakster Max Weinbach which states that the phone will continue to offer the same finish as the iPhone 12. 

However, the screen in use will be changed to a 120Hz LTPO display, which was earlier expected to be a feature set to release for iPhone 12. The always-on feature on the display will be similar to what one can see in the Apple Watch 5 and 6 series. The feature would offer very minimal customizations with the clock and battery status remaining visible at all times. Also, a small part of the screen will light up for notifications. As per the leakster, “Always-On Display will have minimal customizability. The current design basically looks like a toned-down lock screen. Clock and battery charge are always visible

Notifications seem to be displayed using a bar and icons. Upon receiving, the notification will pop up normally except that the screen will not entirely light up. Instead, it will display it just like you’re used to right now, except dimmed down and only temporarily.” It is also expected that the phone would have a smaller notch, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and a new night mode feature for the camera that would be similar to the Astrophotography mode in Pixel devices. The new iPhone is also expected to use a vapor cooling chamber system to offer better cooling on the inside.

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