New iPhone 13 dummy phone images leaked

New details of the iPhone 13 have been leaked online and this time it is the dummies and cases that have provided a good enough idea about the design of the smartphone. Apple has already sent the iPhone dummies to various companies who need them to create the accessories and other necessary add-ons. Due to this, the dummy models and cases were leaked online. Previously, dummies of all four variants were leaked and were posted by Marques Brownlee.

All the four variants were in white color and had the diagonally placed camera lens. The new leaks provide a complete design profile for the same where the iPhone 13 has to carry forward the same design theme of the iPhone 12 and the design form that almost all Apple products are being changed into. We already know that the new iPhones will be coming with LTPO screens and a 120Hz refresh rate as well for the top two variants. The dimension of the smartphone will be almost similar to the iPhone 12 series as the cases from iPhone 12 do fit the iPhone 13, but the camera cutout and sensors will be different in both dimensions and other aspects.

More images have also been shared by the company Binks who already have an iPhone 13 dummy to create accessories for them. The smartphones have not yet gone into production and will not be doing so until next month. As always, Apple is not confirming or giving any detail about the new iPhone but we can expect a lot more leaks to come in a couple of months before the actual launch.


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