Getting the iPhone screen replaced by a third party will disable FaceID

When it comes to repairing or replacing the parts of an iPhone, Apple has been requesting the users to get it done by Apple service centers and not by any other third-party vendor. However, many users still prefer to get it done from the outside due to the increased cost of repairing from Apple. Apple has been continuously fighting this and has been trying to convince the users that getting the phone repaired from a third party may lead to inconsistent performance of the smartphone.

Now, the same has also been seen in the latest iPhone 13. As per the reports, if the user gets the screen replaced for the iPhone 13 from outside or a third party, they will not be able to use FaceID any longer. With each version of the iPhone every year, Apple has been trying to take certain measures which would discourage the users from getting their iPhone repaired from the other stores. The report was provided by Phone Repair Guru on Youtube, which confirmed that FaceID will stop working on iPhone 13 as soon as the phone’s screen is replaced outside the Apple authorized store.

YouTube video

The FaceID will only work with the original screen that was shipped with the phone. Apple has also faced a lot of criticism for the same as they have been blamed for charging excessive repairing charges for the smartphone parts. However, it has not stopped Apple from applying such changes in an iPhone every year. Therefore, if you have a screen replacement issue, then make sure to get it replaced from a genuine Apple store only.

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