iTunes Store facing a new error on Apple devices

Apple iOS users have recently started receiving a new error message on their iTunes Store. The error has been experienced by a number of users having an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad’s. As per the user’s review, the error pops out as soon as the iTunes Store app is lanched on the device, or after a newly installed app on the device is opened. The error message keeps popping up several times on the screen and the message that comes on the display is “The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time. Please try again later“.

The issue is occurring with multiple third-party apps that is being installed using the iTunes Store. The issue has been reported by multiple customers but still has not been confirmed by Apple. Therefore, there are currently no fixes for the issue and the users will have to wait for it until the issue is acknowledged by the company and an update is given. However, until then the customer will face issues in the Apple devices whenever they purchase an application fro the iTunes Store, as they will not be able to operate it.

The new app will automatically keep crashing every time the users tries to open it. Usually, these kinds of issues are quickly acknowledged by Apple and are resolved in the least possible time. Therefore, we can expect Apple to make a comment on this issue and confirm any kind of resolution for ut and when it will be done.


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