Apple creates a Covid-19 face mask for its employees.

Apple is known to do things differently and in a much bigger and better way. It is why they have specifically designed unique and special facemasks for their Apple employees. Apple has designed a new facemask and is beginning to distribute to corporate and retail employees to limit the spread of COVID-19. The mask would be the first created in-house by the Cupertino, California-technology giant for its staff. It has also created a clear mask that is specifically for medical workers and the healthcare sector. 

The facemask has been made by the same team that works on iPads and iPhones and has three-layer filtering for incoming and outgoing particles. The best part about the facemask is that it can be used up to five times. The look of the mask is very unique and large. It has a large covering from top to bottom and even covers the entire nose and chin of the person. The mask has adjustable strings that can be easily fitted around a person’s ear and are very comfortable to use as well. 

Apple will start sending the new mask to its employee within the next two weeks, making sure that every person working in their office uses it. The company is also exploring the option of a unique transparent mask. Apple also tested these masks in its stores, as it was made to use by the employees. The company is already looking for a better option of cloth for the mask that could filter minute particles and bacteria, blocking the passage of air.


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