JioPhone launch delayed due to global semiconductor shortage

JioPhone was the next big thing from the company in their Jio portfolio of services and devices. However, the launch of the Jio smartphone has been delayed due to the global semiconductor shortage. The phone was made in association with Google, where the phone was supposed to have a customized Android operating system that would run efficiently on low hardware specification smartphones. The official launch date for the launch was September 10, but after the delay, the new launch date has not been disclosed as of yet. 

However, it was reported that the phone will be launched in India before Diwali. The company has confirmed that the smartphone is being tested currently with a limited set of users to make sure that any kind of issues and bugs are being spotted before launch and resolved. Also, during this time the current industry-wide, global semiconductor shortages will also be resolved. The upcoming smartphone from Jio is going to be a fully optimized handset based on Android, which has been specifically developed by Google. 

It will not only have voice-enabled features but will also offer some of the premium features at such a low price. The camera is also said to have India-specific filters and language translation. Although it will be an affordable device, the phone will provide good performance and great camera features like low light and HDR mode. Both the copies will continue to build the capabilities into the phone in the future and will bring the best of class experience at the lowest possible price.

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