The New Jio smartphone, codenamed “Orbic” found listed on Google Play Console with basic specs.

Jio is one of the biggest mobile operators in India right now and they have been providing new offers to the regular and new Jio customers. Jio has released a few different phones in the past as an exclusive combo to their mobile sim connection. Now the company is expected to launch a new Android smartphone with the connection, which will not only provide the latest smartphone features but also some exclusive Jio features built-in the phone.

The Phone has been codenamed “Orbic(RC545L)” and is expected to launch for the Indian customer in December this year. What would be the main USP of this smartphone, is the pricing. 

The expected price of this smartphone is expected to cost around less than Rs 5,000. The phones have been found listed on the Google Play Console which gives a hint that the phone is expected to be launched soon in the Indian market. As per the basic specs listed in the Google Play Console, the phone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215 and Adreno 306 as the GPU. The phone is from the budget category and will be a part of Google’s Android Go initiative, where the OS has been configured and designed to run smoothly on low power specs.

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The smartphone is expected to have 1 to 2GB of RAM. The phone will be running on the Android 10 with an HD+ screen and bezels on both top and bottom. The phone will be a perfect pair with the new tariff plans that Jio has launched recently and will be a major competitor in the budget phone segment.

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